Caring for your Accessories

Like most things, for you to enjoy them, it takes a bit of care!

Fabric Button Jewellery - this includes our Rose Gold Range, Fabric Button Studs, Pendants and Keychains. Because they are a fabric-based products it is important you don’t get them wet or exposed to direct sunlight. This may cause discolouration in the fabric. If your fabric button jewellery comes in to contact with Makeup or dirt use a baby wipe or a damp cloth to wipe away.

Polymer Clay Jewellery – constant tugging and pulling on your jewellery and accessories may cause damage. Polymer clay is slightly tolerant to water however heat and sunlight may damage and discolour the clay.

Rose Gold Jewellery – the bezels and chains are all made from steel however they are Rose Gold Plated. Moisture may tarnish the pieces, if this occurs simply wipe with a jewellery cloth and the residue should wipe clean off.

Posts (all Earrings) – to ensure your posts stay on your earrings we suggest holding down the pad when you remove the back.

Silk Tassels – 100% pure silk tassels even require some TLC. We suggest keeping the protective tubes (will come with the earrings) and re attach when you have finished wearing them. Store them on earrings boards will also reduce them kinking. If your silk tassels become kinked and distorted use a small brush and a low heat blow wave to straighten.

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