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Mustard Bridgette Tassel Earrings

Mustard Bridgette Tassel Earrings

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You are purchasing an original design tassel set of Earrings from Shesha Country!

Hello Bridgette, the first of her name… Wait, I won’t do that. But she is a first! A brand-new tassel design to join out clan on earring goodness. Now, the need to knows: Fabric button top makes her stand out, followed by a bamboo arch piece they measure 3cm long x 2.5cm wide. Accompanied perfectly by 4 x tassels! 2 on each piece.

Top: 19mm

Bamboo Piece: 3cm x 2.5cm

Tassels: 2cm

As like all of our pieces, Bridgette is set on hypoallergenic settings (posts, clips & backs)

Please note: as this is a handmade item, the purchased piece may differ slightly to that of the picture. Factors such as lighting and pattern print may be the cause