Market Feels

Shelby Wheeler

Market Feels

  Ahhh Markets, they are the soul thing they send me crazy and fuels my passion as well. What people don't see is the late nights prior to the markets, because lets face it.... I say that I will be organised weeks out before the market and then I end up changing how I want it set up the day prior! It's the double and triple checking of your stock levels, the presentation and not to mention what to wear on the day! (accessorizing not the problem) Now that is what I mean about the craziness but lets talk about... is LIVE!

Shelby Wheeler is LIVE!

It has been a few months in the making, but here we are. A brand spankin' new website, that I can finally call my own! It's shiny and new, and everything is exciting plus a little daunting as well. Now, i'm sure there is a few of us who are a little scared of the unknown, and in their comfort zones. Well, that was me! I have been wanting to make the switch of online stores for quite awhile now, until I literally had to PUSH myself and I'm so glad I did! It has really opened so many platforms...