Market Feels

Shelby Wheeler


Ahhh Markets, they are the soul thing they send me crazy and fuels my passion as well. What people don't see is the late nights prior to the markets, because lets face it.... I say that I will be organised weeks out before the market and then I end up changing how I want it set up the day prior! It's the double and triple checking of your stock levels, the presentation and not to mention what to wear on the day! (accessorizing not the problem) Now that is what I mean about the craziness but lets talk about the love. I love interacting with my customers and fellow stall holders, it's my most favourite part.

My other favourite part is seeing people walk away with a handful of our products and a beaming smile. There is no greater feeling! We want ALL of our customers/followers to always walk away with a smile, scroll away with a smile...we want our LOVE of jewellery & handmade to exude out of our products.

We are currently in preparation for our next market date which is 19th August. And yes, we are organised for this one! Well more like organised chaos. To bring something new to the table in only 2 and 1/2 weeks is chaos but organised because I'm not doing it three days prior. That's my logic anyway!

We will be at the Handmade Expo Markets at the Robert Schwarten Showgrounds from 8am - 1pm. EFT available & more new designs. We can't wait to see you all again

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